Gold Digging vs. Goal Digging

I’m a little surprised that in 2017 women are still judging women who enjoy relationships with wealthier men. Women are making just as much money and bringing just as many assets into relationships as men are.  Unfortunately, when a man chooses a wealthier woman, the silly title for that is opportunists.

It’s time that we forget the petty titles and began to focus our attention on our own relationships and do more self-evaluating to discover what it is that makes us so concerned with others choices.  How and whom someone decides to commit themselves to has little to nothing to do with outsiders and haters. Every relationship has value and should be respected as such!

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Expect The Unexpected



Walking down the isle is the beginning of a journey and the end of the roses and white doves gliding over the sea of emotions that rush from you as you partake in a moment of perfection.

A wedding is such a beautiful experience that should be cherished forever. However, the planning can really test your ability to remain human. The highs and lows of striving for perfection is trying. When it’s all over the calmness that drapes you, is as peaceful as a sleeping baby after breastfeeding.

Time usually awakens”reality.” You now will see each other every day. He will leave the toilet seat up and you will fall in half asleep. She will forget that you are allergic to feta after making you the best salad and dressing it with beautifully placed strawberries and balsamic vinaigrette. He will get a new position that requires him to work and travel more. She will ask you questions while you watch the game.

Yep, evolution has a way of ripping right through your perfectly imperfect relationship. Remember, you are on a journey together. The two of you should only be focusing on creating a more refined you to enhance the quality of your relationship. The only perfect day that you will get is the wedding day! Let go of the expectations and expect the unexpected!

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Simple Ways To Turn Your Lover On Before The Bedroom

Foreplay doesn’t have to be another task. Adding some playfully seductive non-sexual acts to your daily routine can help jump start the beginning of an amazing evening.

Our schedules are so busy that most of the time the only thing we want to do after we wind down is dinner, peace and beauty sleep. But if we are being a bit flirtatious with our partners throughout the day, at bedtime we are more aroused and looking forward to sweet treat before bedtime!

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