Abuse Is Abuse


I’ve watched on social media as parents have chosen to discipline their children by beating them, while live streaming. I’ve watched as graphic videos have gone viral of police officers beating African American males and females. I’ve listened over the years as African Americans joked about being whipped with things by parents. I’ve also had enough. I’m done with people making excuses for bad behavior. Abuse is abuse.

I understand that many will disagree. I understand that I will be ridiculed, don’t care. I also understand that bringing attention to such controversial topic is also raising awareness to provoke change.

I feel that it is important to talk about such issue, because no change can be made until we start with ourselves, how we think and reversing the mindset.

  • Men striking women is abuse, vice versa.
  • An officer striking women and men is abuse.
  • Parents striking kids is abuse.

Why is it being reconstructed to fit the incident?

When parents hit children,  it’s told to be out of love for them because they need “discipline.”

When males hit women,  “they” say it’s because they have deep-rooted issues causing them to react negatively.

When cops beat black men and women,  it’s considered to regain control of the person.

Why are we reconstructing abuse almost in a way to make it right or okay?

How can we properly teach that it is wrong if we at the same time are making it okay to do?

I don’t hit my children because it’s wrong not because I don’t know how to be a parent.

I received whippings as a child. I learned nothing at ALL from them. Unfortunately, that’s how my parents were raised. And they did as they knew to do.  If we keep doing what others do, how can we make a difference. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity. I’m not insane. I’m aware and searching for ways to make a difference, starting with my own family. When you know better you do better.

I choose to talk with my children. I feel it’s important to get to the core of the issue to fix it rather than hit them for the mistake, the issue or not complying with my rules or instructions.

I am a firm believer that parents, abusers, officers all hit not to fix an issue, but to release negative tension and anger due to the receiver breaking their rules, disappointing them, frustration and lack of self control. 

Hitting only creates hitters.

People say that respect is earned and most feel that beatings are necessary to instill a little fear. So is it important for a child to fear a parent to respect them or respect a parent because of their teachings, love, education, and understanding. Is it important for citizens to respect officers because they fear them or because they are being protected and respected by them?

Teaching children the true meaning of abuse is important. This can help with bullying, choosing career paths, such as becoming police officers and how they choose their partners.

I am on a journey to begin a movement that forces parents and law enforcement to reevaluate what they are doing and stop making bad decisions. I hope that you will share this article and help me raise awareness!

Be the change you want to see. I sure am!

There is a difference between discipline and punishment!

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