Maintaining A Healthy Relationship When Negativity Seems To Be Overtaking Media and Social Media

It’s very easy to become angry and frustrated by all that is happening. When this happens, one tends to lash out or struggle with controlling inner feelings and emotions.

Remember, it is okay to disconnect for a while to regroup. That doesn’t mean that you are totally ignoring what is happening. But you owe yourself the opportunity to re-center and be happy. The negative energy that stems from negative news has a way of oozing from you and onto everyone around you.

When you disconnect, try meditation, jazz, excersizing, yoga, prayer, get plenty of rest and spend lots of quality time with your mate, spouse, friends and family. And for the duration of that time, don’t talk about what’s happening and when others talk about it, don’t share in the conversation. Fully disconnect.

The mind is extremely powerful. But remember, you can control it. What you take into it, will determine what comes out.

Sometimes couples don’t always agree with what is happening, that’s okay. You are both entitled to your own opinions and have the right to express what you feel. Remember, though, it’s all about how you do it. Have respect and keep and open mind. That doesn’t mean you are agreeing. That means that you love your spouse or mate and you care about their feelings.

It’s natural for your spouse to want to vent about what they dislike. It’s also natural to get upset if you don’t agree. The best things to do in this situation is  to remain quiet, calm, be attentive and simply respond with I respect the way you feel. However, honey, I don’t agree. Everyone wants to be heard and having the opportunity to express yourself is a great way to get it out and move on. It’s imperative to keep the energy positive and move forward

Evolution is inevitable. However, you don’t want negative experiences to impact how you are evolving individually because it will have an impact on your relationships. Things are going to continue to happen in our world and we aren’t going to like nor agree with everything. But how we decide to deal with it will determine the overall outcome.


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